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Our Puppies

Choosing a breeder is just as important as choosing a breed! The way your puppy is raised for the first few months will affect the rest of his life. Puppies need lots of love, socialization, and proper health care to grow into happy, healthy dogs. They also need early training, and particularly potty training, to prepare them for being good family members. All of our puppies begin life in our Nursery room right off of my kitchen, with constant handling and attention before their eyes are even open.

 We raise our puppies to be loving, trustworthy members of a human family. Visit our puppies page, give us a call, or email us to see who is waiting for just the right family.

FuzzyWuzzy Facts

What exactly is a Fuzzy Wuzzy? Not a purebred, not a 'mutt', a Fuzzy Wuzzy is a hybrid of two parents thoughtfully chosen for certain characteristics. It is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise.


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Shorkie Facts


What is a Shorkie?


A Shorkie is a puppy bred from A Shih tzu mom and a Yorkie dad. The parents thoughtfully chosen for certain look and  characteristics. 


Here at Puppies or dogs we raise Fuzzy Wuzzy puppies and Shorkie puppies to be ideal family pets. By breeding carefully chosen individuals of both breeds, we can create 'loving dogs' with excellent health, loving and reliable temperaments, and beautiful, low to non-shedding easy care coats.



Is A Shorkie The Right Breed?

Shorkie puppies

The Shorkie inherits qualities from both the

Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire Terrier.  They

are an alert and outgoing little dog. Some

can be Playful and lively, and affectionate.

They are what a call a non needy breed.

I say this because they are very

independent. They like to be with their

humans but do not need to beheld or with

their owns all the time. They need and

enjoy their alone time. They generally good

with other pets. he Shorkie has an

independent spirit, are intelligent, bold and

affectionate, with a lively attitude. They are

self-assured, and have a happy

temperament that is pretty easy to live with.

They are bright little dogs and can be hard

to train sometimes. They need to have

training from the beginning. They make

great watch dogs to let you know when

some one is around. They can be a bit

barky and high strung dogs. Because of

the yorkie in them.


A Shorkie- Shih Tzu Yorkie mix puppies

Is A FuzzyWuzzy The Right Breed?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppies

The FUZZY WUZZY'S inherits qualities

 from both the  Shih Tzu and the Bichon

Frise.  They are an alert and  spunky little

dog. Playful and lively, this affectionate little

dog needs to be with people and are

generally good with other pets. They  love

human company. FUZZY WUZZY'S have

an independent spirit, are intelligent,

affectionate, bold and lively. They are self-

assured, and have a happy  temperament

that is easy to live with. These bright little

dogs are easy to train and just plain old

love everyone. They need people to be

happy. They are naturally sociable and are

happiest when they are part of a family that

takes  them everywhere. This sociable trait

also means that they are fine in the

company of other dogs & pets and are

excellent with children. A very alert watch

dog. Used as watchdogs and to perform

tricks, this hybrid is competitive,

courageous, and obedient. This charming,

gentle dog will bark when needed, but

definitely is not a yapper.


A Shichon- Shih Tzu Bichon mix puppies


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We call them Shorkies and Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppy can also be called

Zuchon puppy or Shichon puppy or Teddy Bear puppy or even a Rag doll puppy. They are all a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon

 When looking at different mixed breeds you can look up information on the parents breeds to find out what their temperament or personality can be like.


This Information for you Is provided by Cindy Miller

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When it comes to breeding each and every one of our moms and dads go thru a full physical exam including OFA testing, Cerf testing. We never breed dogs that dose not pass their test. All our breeding practices are vet approved.


Make sure you take a few minutes and watch our vet and dog grooming videos we have on our site..


Visit this page to see photos of our our past  adopted shokies and Fuzzy Wuzzies enjoy them..

















Here is a very cute poem my daughter came up with. She love her little terriers ;o)

Yorkies are to love

Yorkies are to hug

Yorkies are sweet

Yorkies are at my feet

If I like you, you will get yorkies keep

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